Friday, September 10, 2010

Getting Real- Day 1

Sometimes I feel like a magpie-distracted by the shininess of the world. It is ironic that the world distracts us into thinking that we must work diligently to become an individual, to find our true self, all the while it tells us we should be thinner, dress better, acquire whatever we can get our hands on. "Be 'yourself' while being what I tell you to be. You will be happy!"

I have taken the bait one too many times. Tried to be smarter, prettier, thinner, whatever it would take to be happy and stop the nagging voice inside that told me I am not good enough and never will be.

I have struggled with significance for so long. I have always wanted to gain the acceptance of a certain person in my life and tried so hard to make them love me. Enough. Here is day one of accepting me and refusing to continue living life and seeing through these rose coloured glasses. There is more to life than me and my problems!

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